AMP WinOFF 5.0

Tool for shutting down Windows based computers at a given time
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AMP WinOFF 4.5 is the latest version of this system utility software we can download for free from the developer's website. This is an useful tool for shutting down Windows based computers at a given time. We can select the way we want the computer to be shut down,i.e suspend, restart,shut down,close session, hibernate, power off, lock, and administrative shut down and restart. The main interface shows a toolbar, an icon bar and tabbed options. From the toolbar we can access the files, shutting down,options and help file. We use the icons for: *Saving the current configuration and activating the shut down.* Saving the current configuration and deactivating the shut down.*Executing now the selected shutting down mode (power off,restart,close session,shut down (only for Windows 98/Me),administrative shut down/restart,suspend and hibernate.*Locking the computer immediately.*Aborting the computer shutting down. From the tabbed options we can program and schedule the the time and shut down mode, and set up the general and the administrative options.

Review summary


  • Free downloadable software
  • Nice&easy interface
  • Runs fast
  • Useful tool
  • Many shutting down options
  • Good help file
  • Available in English and Spanish


  • Only valid for Windows
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